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Emily Kim

Although not a profession I had ever envisioned for myself (I have a BA in Mathematics from Middlebury College), I now can't see myself doing anything else! I've had a lifelong interest/passion for martial arts but did not formally start my training until after graduating from college. I'm not able to train as much as I would like to these days, but am able to surround myself with my students' Tae Kwon Do energy! I firmly believe in the program we have built here at Master H C Kim's World Class Tae Kwon Do Center and how it is able to positively impact the students who come through our school--no matter how young or old. I see it on a daily basis. A shy student or a student who is getting bullied finding their voice and new found confidence. A student who has ADHD and gets easily discouraged when learning new things finding that focusing can be fun and rewarding. An adult student who is body-conscious thinking their too out of shape to participate finding an encouraging community and engaging workout that challenges both the body and mind. Being able to know these students, learn with them, grow with them and, ultimately, help them achieve their goals is what I enjoy most and what motivates me to make sure our school is truly World Class. 

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